Dark Horse
Released November 2008
Recorded March–July 2008
Length 43:38
Label Roadrunner/Atlantic EMI
Written by Chad Kroeger
Album chronology
All The
Right Reasons

Here and Now

Dark Horse is Nickelback's sixth studio album, released on November 2008. It is a follow-up to their multi-platinum selling All The Right Reasons released in 2005.

The first single from the album was Gotta Be Somebody, which was released on September 2008. If Today Was Your Last Day was the original planned lead single.

The exclusive Wal-Mart edition of Dark Horse included a link to download an MP3 from their performance of This Afternoon on Walmart Soundcheck.

Many of the album's songs have hit the Canadian Hot 100, such as "Shakin Hands", "If Today Was Your Last Day" "I'd Come for You", "Never Gonna Be Alone" along with the 2 singles "Gotta Be Somebody" & "Something in Your Mouth".

Track ListingEdit

  1. Something in Your Mouth
  2. Burn It to the Ground
  3. Gotta Be Somebody
  4. I'd Come for You
  5. Next Go Round
  6. Just to Get High
  7. Never Gonna Be Alone
  8. Shakin' Hands
  9. S.E.X.
  10. If Today Was Your Last Day
  11. This Afternoon
  12. This Afternoon (Original Performance Series) - Wal-Mart exclusive bonus track


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